TheArt of Joe Camel 

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joe camel Joe Camel was the brilliantly successful advertising campaign used to market Camel Cigarettes manufactured by RJ Reynolds.  The Campaign began in 1987 and was unfortunately stopped in 1997.
In the 1980's Camel Cigarettes were thought of as an old mans brand of cigarettes.  The creation of Joe Camel was part of  the RJ Reynolds approach to appeal to a younger audience.  

The effort to target the younger crowd was successful and Joe Camel was ordered to disappear in 1997.

joe camel picture          camel cigarette box art

camel cash

Camel Cash featuring Joe Camel.


Joe was always the coolest dude around.  There is very little seen today in the advertising world that can compare to the creativity and artistic animation as some of the brilliant art in many of the advertisements.

joe camel motorcycle pic
joe camel smooth charachter ad This is one of the original Joe Camel ads featuring the well know "smooth character" ad pitch.

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