Art of Smoking

Art and pictures featured on Tobacco Products such as Cigars and Cigarettes. Amazing Art work displayed on Cigar Labels, Cigar Boxes, Cigar Bands, Cigar Humidors,  Cigar and cigarette Logos, and Cigarette Advertisements.  The same could be said for some vintage cigarette company art work pictures as well.  The gallery featuring this large tobacco art collection of designs is free for all. You'll find all the Cigar Art in the links to pages featured below.

Cigar Labels - A large collection of cigar labels, cigar bands and cigar tags.

Cigar Box Art - Some of the greatest masterpieces of Art featured on Cigar boxes. Wooden Cigar Boxes can be painted or designed using a Wood burning technique.

Cigar Logos - Cigar companies have some great logos. Many cigar logos and a few cigarette logos can be found here.

Pictures of Girls Smoking - often requested so here are a bunch of pictures of good looking girls smoking, hot girls smoking cigars and cigarettes.

The Art of People Smoking - Art work and photos of people smoking cigars and a few of girls smoking cigarettes, some pictures of girls smoking cigars.

Celebrity Smokers - pictures of various celebrities smoking cigarettes and cigars.   Pictures of celebrity smokers and pictures of the celebrities smoking.

Full List of Celebrity Smokers here.

Cigarette Art - Some art from vintage cigarette advertisements and posters found throughout today's popular culture.

The Art of Cigarette Joe Camel - Pictures from the most successful cigarette brand campaign ever. The famous Joe Camel from the brilliant minds at RJ Reynolds

Miscellaneous Smoking Art - A collection of miscellaneous stuff related to Cigar art and Cigarette advertising campaigns.

Cigar Store Indians - A wide range of cigar store Indians. Many hand carved wooden cigar store Indians up to 7 feet tall.

Humidors - Gallery of amazing premium hand built cigar humidors ranging in size, craftsmanship and building materials. Cigar humidors are the way to show off your finest Cigars.

Cigar Terminology - A helpful guide of Cigar lingo and terminology. Includes many cigar related words and cigar definitions that one may run across when attempting to converse about cigars.

Smoking Sites - some other great sites for smoking related images and information. Privacy Policy