Although there are many anti-vaping people, who keep saying that electronic cigarettes encourage youngsters to smoke real cigarettes, but according to research this is not the case. A survey was recently conducted in the UK, and according to this study conducted by the organization called Public Health England, there is no connection between smoking tobacco cigarettes and vaping with electronic cigarettes. In fact, vaping is a viable and healthy alternative for people who are addicted to smoking.

According to various studies, the trend of smoking tobacco cigarettes is steadily declining due to the awareness regarding the health hazards associated with tobacco cigarettes. Teens are instead opting for electronic cigarettes and that too often without nicotine. This is because there is an availability of refill liquid for e-cigarettes both with and without nicotine. These liquids are available in different flavors which makes vaping all the more enjoyable. In fact, there is no harm associated with electronic cigarettes because the harmfulness of tobacco cigarettes is because of the many chemicals other than nicotine contained in them.

The best part is that if you take to electronic cigarettes instead of tobacco cigarettes, then you can even smoke them inside public buildings. In fact, you can also vape with e-cigarettes in airplanes because the electronic cigarettes let out harmless water vapor. Another benefit is that with tobacco cigarettes you don’t just harm your health but also that of others around you and pollute the environment which is not the case with electronic cigarettes.

Electronic cigarettes are easily available all over the world, and you can even order them online because many specialist online stores are selling electronic cigarettes and their refill liquids. The best part is that according to all the major studies conducted in various countries, electronic cigarettes have been found to be safe for health.

There are many different electronic cigarettes available in the market which differ in appearance and design. However, the most popular ones are those which resemble tobacco cigarettes. In fact, they mimic real cigarettes to the extent that there is an LED light at the end of these electronic cigarettes which makes them look like lighted burning real cigarettes. Of course, the batteries need to be recharged frequently, but designers are working on enhancing the life of the batteries so that you don’t have to recharge them too often. All in all vaping is a better alternative to smoking tobacco cigarettes and is not harmful in any way.