Cigars are popular even in the modern age of much sleeker products. Cigars are considered to be a style statement especially among the affluent people of society. Let us take a look at the origin of tobacco and cigars.

Tobacco is a plant which is native to the Americas and was in use in the Mayan civilization. Later other tribes started cultivating it towards the north and south of the Americas. When Christopher Columbus came to the Americas in 1412, this plant became known to the rest of the world. There is some debate regarding the origin of tobacco because some people believe that it originated in the current US state of Tabasco, while others believe that it came from Tobago which is a Caribbean island. The first tobacco plantation in the USA was established in Virginia, and later it spread to other parts of the country and the world.

Rolling tobacco makes a cigar in tobacco leaves. There are different sizes of cigars, and the choice depends on the preference of the smokers. Some cigar smokers prefer the original thick cigars while others prefer slimmer varieties. Cigars originated in Spain and then spread to the rest of the world through sailors. In the 19th century, the Peninsula War took place and soldiers returning to the US enhanced their popularity in the country. It is said that a general named Israel Putnam discovered them in Cuba in the late 18th century and he brought them home after the war. The first cigar factory in the United States was established near Hartford, his hometown in.

Cigars have come a long way since then, and nowadays there are different brands and types available in the market. Different types of tobacco from various parts of the world are used to make cigars nowadays, and they all differ in their flavor. Patrons of each brand of cigar smoke them due to the distinct flavor and taste. The best part is that there are even cigar bars in some parts of the US where patrons can enjoy their particular brand while talking and mingling with other patrons.